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Superintendent of Schools

Welcome to the Needles Unified School District website!

As Superintendent, I have the privilege of being part of a learning community of outstanding individuals who care greatly for the students in our district. Our motto that "All Students Will Learn" identifies our belief in each and every student to meet their potential as a learner.  We are dedicated to working together with parents, families and the greater community to ensure that all of our students have a high-quality, enriched program. Our goal is to not only to ensure that all students receive the preparation necessary for college and/or career, but also to lead healthy, meaningful lives. 

 Our teachers, staff and administrators are working diligently this year to prepare for full implementation of the California Common Core State Standards next year.  We have invested in various programs to ensure that our teachers and staff have the tools necessary to ensure that students receive high-quality instruction to positively impact student achievement.  Our principals work closely with district administration to collaboratively implement the focus of the district. As Superintendent, I work closely with our Board of Trustees to set high standards for student achievement, fiscal responsibility, parent and community involvement, professional development, technology, facilities and a positive, safe and healthy school environment.  "Education First" is our belief in the importance, value and benefits of a high-qualify educational organization. Together, we can make a deep, life-long difference in the lives of our students.  Join me in this passion! 



 Dr. Mary McNeil, Superintendent