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Special Education Programs

In addition to several district-run programs, NUSD contracts with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS) as well as Lake Havasu Unified School District and Parker Unified School District to provide a continuum of Special Education and related services.   

Birth to Five: Infants and toddlers with disabilities are provided early intervention services.  These services are typically provided in the form of Speech and Language services at the Headstart schools in Needles, Havasu Lake, and Big River.

Early Childhood: Needles also serves children ages three and up with moderate-severe developmental delays in the Severely Handicapped classroom located on the Vista Colorado Campus.

Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI):  Specialized Academic Instruction is the primary service provided to students who qualify for Special Education.  SAI is individually designed to meet the needs of the student.  Services range from consultation and monitoring to instructional support to intensive academic intervention.  Due to the individualization of the program, SAI serves students with mild to moderate disabilities as well as moderate to severe disabilities.  Needles District currently has three SAI classrooms; one on each of the main campuses in Needles.  Students that live in Parker Dam and Big River areas attend school and receive SAI services within the Parker Unified School District.  Students that live in Havasu Lake have the option of attending schools in Needles or going across the lake and attending schools within the Lake Havasu School District. 

Severely Handicapped (SH) Program:  The SH program addresses not only instruction in academics, but also the unique communication, social, and behavioral needs of the students.  The program at the high school also assists students with work training and the transition to community living.  There are currently two SH classrooms in Needles that provide services to students with moderate to severe disabilities.  The classroom on the Vista Colorado Elementary campus serves children ages 3 to approximately 12.  The classroom on the Needles High School campus serves children from approximately 12 years of age to 21 years of age. 

SUCCESS Program: The SUCCESS program is designed to meet the needs of students with significant emotional and behavioral difficulties.  This program provides an exceptionally high structured environment with a low teacher to student ratio.  There are currently two SUCCESS classrooms in Needles.  The classroom on the Vista Colorado Elementary campus services children ages 5 to the approximate age of 12.  The classroom on the Needles High School campus services children from the approximate age of 12 to 21 years of age.

Designated Instruction and Services (DIS):   Students are typically evaluated independently to determine eligibility for DIS programs.  Examples of DIS programs include speech therapy, counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vision services, hearing services, and adapted physical education.