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Nutrition Nuggets

The winning recipe for a healthy lifestyle includes a combination of both good nutrition and physical activity.

Key things you need to know about leading a healthy lifestyle are:

  • Eat a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables and whole grain products
  • Control portion sizes and never "supersize"
  • Get active for at least 60 minutes, five times a week for ages 6-18
  • Avoid tobacco and illegal drugs all together


Did you know that May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month? An annual observance, National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is a time to highlight the importance of staying active through sports and other fitness activities. Celebrate this observance by promoting the importance of 60 minutes per day of physical activity for kids (and 30 minutes per day for adults) and providing opportunities to be physically active not just at school but at home as well.

There are fun ways that you can incorporate physical activity at home. Hula hoops and jump ropes are inexpensive and you can buy enough to have a family competition; kids vs adults, or the longest hoop record or coolest rope trick. Try a new sport as a family. Frisbee, badminton, volleyball or frisbee golf. All of these are fun activities that will get the whole family up and moving.