Needles Unified School District

Past News Events

Return to In-Person Board Meetings

The Governor's Executive Order that allowed for zoom Board meetings ended September 30th. Therefore NUSD Board of Trustee meetings have returned to in-person with the meetings videotaped and available on the District website the following day. Should there be imminent risk or an outbreak that risks public safety, AB 361 permits a temporary return to zoom meetings.


As schools have been reopened with mandates from both CA state and federal authorities, the rules for closing schools if COVID exposure occurs have changed. Currently, if a student becomes positive, the school will send parents a letter stating that their child may have been exposed and that they may consider testing the student. If your child does not have any symptoms you may return your child to school. If your child develops symptoms, you will be asked to get your child tested. The Needles USD is providing tests for all student athletes according to the NIAA regulations. Any students exposed may also request that the District provide a test which they will do. Talk to your child's principal if you have questions.

CDC and California Department of Public Health Mask Guidance

Students will be required to wear a face mask in all indoor settings on school campuses and on school buses. Students are not required to wear a face mask while outdoors. Staff, and all other individuals on campuses, will also be required to wear a face mask in all indoor settings on school campuses and on school buses, while sharing indoor space with students. The face-covering mandate stated is a requirement and school districts and/or Boards of Education do not have the authority to be less restrictive.


AB 104 allows students in grades 9-12 to request that their letter grades be changed to a Pass or No Pass grade on their transcripts for the 2020-2021 school year. Any student who wants to request a grade change should complete the Needles USD Grade Change Form and turn it into the high school's principal before the August 16th deadline.