Past News Events

NHS Parent/Guardian Survey for WASC Accreditation and LCAP Input

Please help us to provide your high school child with the very best of programs and services by giving us your input. This survey only takes a few minutes and will provide us with the information needed to plan and implement high-quality programs and services for your child. Thank you for your help! Click on the title for the survey.

NHS Sober Celebration 2014 "Chain Reaction" A Success!

ASB Students and their Adviser Teresa Sutton successfully planned a week of "Chain Reaction" events to teach our students about making health life choices! Students engaged in programs, events and contests related to topics on drugs, alcohol, and healthy living. Prom is in the next few weeks, followed by graduation, and Sober Celebration provides students with the necessary information and skills to stay safe during this season of celebration.
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