2014-2015 School Calendar (REVISED)

These calendars were planned with a focus on students achievement. Our goal is to maximize the instructional calendar in order to ensure success for all students! Remember our motto "All Students Will Learn" and core value "Education First".
  • Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year calendar, the Needles Unified School District will now include a Fall Break at the end of the first quarter. 
  • Also, each quarter will end and be followed by a break during the school year. This will allow for structured quarters for concise instructional planning time for each reporting period. 
  • The fall semester will end before Winter Break in order to ensure that the course finals directly follow the instructional periods. 
  • Spring Break has been moved to March in order to provide students with a 5-week testing block that does not have any breaks to interrupt the assessments. This is planned in order to maximize the state testing period for all students to increase student achievement.